Just perusing Ann Sacks the other day wanted to share my favs!…

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Check out some of the super radical wall covering’s from Cole and Son.  Just a fun way to love the envelopes we all live in!


So lately I have been lucky to get my share of masculine focused clients.  I like this.  There is something to be said for a strong line, iconic element or two, earthy color,  a nod to Mad Men (you border on complete schmuck Draper but I’d totally make out with you), hint of man but softer than sheer brute.  I started to play around a little this evening and think something along these lines could be super sweet for the right person looking for a little funk, vintage, a little masculine and something found.  Plus I am really enjoying the navy/brown/mustard ménage a trios going on and add the splash of white and gold for that glint of freshness and glam- yep, I’d date this dude…



So old yet so new. Kilim prints date back to ancient times where they were produced as prayer rugs.  A Kilim rug is a tightly interweaving warp and weft that produces a flat surface. The motifs differ based on their origin as do the colors (ahem…thank you Wikipedia!).  All that aside they have become one of my new favorites (ok, add that to hair on hide, the color peach and mauve, antlers and animal print…oh and light pink and citron…and trouser pants).  A while back I was asked to define my design style.  After a lot of thought I came up with my philosophy which is that we have such an intimate relationship with our spaces that they should reflect all of who we are and all aspects of our personalities.  I gravitate towards 40% timeless and classic, 30% eclectic and found, 20% modern and 10% glam all layered together to make up 100% you.

Kilim prints create this super sweet bridge between timeless, eclectic, and this new funky twist on modern…the mix.  I am digging it and hope you are too!


Rummaging around today and found this beauty. Love it! Talk about a fun, funky sprig of smile 🙂


Here is another pull together.  Flipping through the blogs of fashion and design gets my mind a churning!  I was really drawn to some soft feminine things and decided to start to play outfit-putter-together.  I also love to try to make an outfit into a room.  In reality it is always just layering the right items, textures and colors to create the big picture.  Design is in the details whether that be a dish you are serving, an outfit you are wearing or a room you are morphing…the sum is always greater than the parts but the parts are what glue it all together. 

Thoughts?  Would you wear it or live in it?





Love the dark dark navy and mustard/chartreuse and peachy combos.  Now lets see how I would use them in a interior…


Creating your happy corner is a must.  Mine is starting to shape up and is in my “bedroom” by my bed.  Every morning I wake up to a great lamp, duvet cover that I love, pretty accent pillows and my own art and goodies on the wall.  What are you going to do to make your happy corner all yours?




Addiction. It’s rough. I’m still in the heavy throws of not being able to break the relationship with the highly addictive (but natural mind you) hair on hide. I want it in every clients home, in my home, in the presidents home. Be it a hide rug, upholstered ottoman, x-bench, pillow or dish towel- I just want it in there.

Now. To let you in on my other addiction. My other dirty secret. Leopard. I love that fine balance between a pattern that can be used to highlight trashiness while also covering some of the first furniture and antiques ever known to man. It’s fun, sexy, sophisticated, lots of different scales of the pattern, endless colors, visual texture and it’s basically just downright perfection. Those leopards sure do know how to put a goo outfit together! Bravo guys bravo!

Now the print is delish as a pattern but what about the actual animal- give credit where it’s due. With no further chitty chat, I introduce – obsession number 2- as a wallcovering.



"Design is not an added expense; it is an added value. Design often makes the difference between a place that simply exists, hoping to attract new residents and workers, and a place that can thrive for many years to come- which is the most sustainable of all."
-Richard Rogers

"Design is where science and art break even"
-Robin Mathew


September 2020

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